Who We Are

Every Christian is called to follow Jesus and to teach others everything he did and taught. We believe that our greatest joy is to live in light of Jesus’ teachings and to tell others about him. As followers of Jesus, we want to ensure that all of us are fully-engaged in loving our families, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers in practical ways that highlights the beauty of knowing and having a life changed by Jesus.


Core Values


We believe that inherent to being human is being in community. We were never meant to live in isolation from each other. We want people to know others and be known—in their joys and in their struggles.


The call of Jesus is to make disciples and to obey all that he has commanded. We are both on a journey of learning what it means to follow Jesus as individuals and as a community.

Mercy + Mission

We, at Redeemer, have all received mercy from God in Jesus. We want to proclaim that mercy to others in words and in deeds. We believe that acts of service and mercy demonstrate the proclaimed Word of God. We seek to start other new churches in the Upstate, country, and world.


We believe that a clear and biblically-grounded order of worship aids us to be shaped by the Gospel of Jesus. Instead of a straitjacket, the order of worship provides a skeletal structure by which we can grow and learn together. We know what to expect each week—being called to worship our God, confessing our sins, hearing the Gospel of grace and forgiveness and joy, responding by receiving from the Lord’s Table each week, and receiving God’s Good Word of Benediction and Commissioning us to live the Gospel in our daily lives.


In a world that values what you do and what you have, we want to declare that you are loved because of the life of Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection. We are not against programs, but believe that they ought to serve the greater mission of the Church of making disciples of Jesus. We don’t want people to feel bogged down with more activities. Rather, we want to learn together what it means to follow Jesus in the everyday of our lives.



Our church has recognized men to lead us in what we teach and how we follow Jesus. They serve Redeemer by maintaining its vision and mission.


Matthew Wireman

Matt was born in suburban Ohio, moved to rural Kentucky, graduated from the University of Louisville, served in La Plata, Argentina, married Ashley, attended the Bethlehem Institute in Minneapolis, earned his MDiv and PhD in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Early Church History at Southern Seminary. After having gone to Charlotte to plant a church, he and his family moved to Greenville where he currently serves as Associate Dean of The School of Ministry at North Greenville University. He loves reading, working out, is learning how to hunt and fly fish. While he loves theology books, he also loves reading books outside of his purview in an effort to constantly grow. 


Rhett Shirley

Rhett is married to Megan and father of Claire, Ford, Gus, and Libby. He is an infectious disease physician and enjoys caring for patients and teaching medical students and medical residents. Outside of work he spends time coaching his sons’ baseball teams, and likes to find time for hiking and mountain biking. The Shirley family has lived in Greenville since 2011 and have been members of Christ the Redeemer since the church was founded.


Jason Taylor

Jason was born and grew up near Atlanta, GA.  He graduated from Georgia State University in 1994 with a degree in business administration.  He is married to Dawn Taylor and they have 3 children- Joshua, Jacob, and Alyssa.  Jason enjoys spending time with his family and being involved in the things they enjoy.  Jason has been a believer for over 35 years and is committed to following Christ and serving the church.  He believes that God brought his family to the Greenville area over 10 years ago for a purpose.  While his family has faced many trials and struggles during this time, God has used these to increase their faith and draw them closer to Him.  Jason and his family were a part of the initial Bible study that ultimately led to Christ the Redeemer forming as a church in September 2017.  Christ the Redeemer has provided a place of service, growth, community, and discipleship for Jason and his family.


In order to make our faith practical, our church has recognized men and women to serve in various areas to ensure that we are actually doing what we value.


Nursery (0-3yrs)

Caregivers are able to check in children before our service begins. Our Nursery workers are ready to receive children at 10:00. While there, kids will play together, receive a snack (gluten-free), sing a song, and hear a Bible story. We have an electronic check-in procedure that our workers are happy to walk you through. You will leave your name, allergy information, and cell phone number so that workers can contact you if necessary. You will receive a tag that you must have to pick up your child at the conclusion of the service.

Children (4-6yrs)

Children are dismissed in the middle of the service to go to Children’s Church. We want to come alongside parents and caregivers in training their children. Having them sit in the service with them is a step in that direction. We realize that asking a child 4-6 years of age to sit through an entire service is a bit much to ask. This is why they are dismissed to be able to move around as well as to hear a Bible story and sing.

Youth (1st-4th; 5th-12th)

Right now we do not have a formalized program for our youth. Since we put the onus of discipleship on parents, this has not been an issue for us. We do, however, have various times for youth to get together to go bowling and socialized together. Eventually we would like to have a program put together that’s age-specific and helps teach youth how to know God and serve him.


We have a group of students that meet for Bible Study at Greenville Tech every Tuesday during the school year. We also support and encourage involvement in ministries that already exist to serve college students (like Cru). If you would like more information, please contact Ben Johnson.

International Missions

While we’re still a small church, spreading the fame of Jesus is very much the lifeblood of Redeemer. In our first year we sent two folks to Kenya to train pastors in Nairobi and in rural villages.

Because we value the local church, we prioritize mission trips to support churches if they already exist by asking them for practical ways we can serve them. 

We also want to be strategic in reaching those who have never heard the name of Jesus or who do not have access to the Gospel. Therefore, we are looking at opportunities to reach these people through long-term partnerships with indigenous people.

Church Planting

We want to plant many smaller congregations throughout the Upstate. We are actively pursuing partnership with our local association, as well as putting together a training cohort to be able to help church planters be prepared theologically and practically to begin these churches.